Interview: Scumbag Millionaire

Joe McRedmond interviewed Scumbag Millionaire, from Gothenburg, Sweden, about their 1989 Chevrolet G20 van.

What was the catalyst, motivation, or inspiration for getting a van in the first place, specifically? 

There are a lot of benefits having our own van. For example, we can smoke in it. Another good thing is that we don’t have to unload the van the same day/night we arrive in our hometown after a tour.

Where/from whom did you get it? Did you know the background of this van when you purchased it?

We bought it for 800€ from a redneck outside of our hometown in Sweden. It was in 2014.

On the way home the AC/blower motor broke down, and some days later we had a flat tire on the highway. The old tires were really bad.

This specific car model was very common in Sweden during the 80’s because it was cheap to own as a carpenter.

Tell us about the van, year, make, model, color – did it need work, and did you do any DIY, build a loft, etc.?

It’s a 1989 Chevrolet G20 van. It was originally blue, but we painted it black.

We changed wheels to a set of extra wide Cooper tires, and recently we also changed cylinder heads and a bunch of other parts. The van just passed 330,000 miles (530 000 km) so it needed some extra love. We have traveled all over Europe with it.

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

Any funny or unique features?

Some cool features: Everything with the van is extra extra (Compared to our European vans).

The seats are big and comfy. Straight pipes for great V8 sound. Red interior porno lights. Wood details. 

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

What’s the longest drive you ever did between shows? What was the first trip you took with it?

One of the longest drives we have made non stop is when we drove home to Gothenburg, Sweden from Prague in Czech Republic. It took us around 20 hours. We use to have a cruising speed around 65mph. The first trip we made must have been to our very first show. It was in Falkenberg, Sweden in 2014.

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

What do you listen to in the van?

We listen to Motorhead, Gluecifer, Turbonegro, The Hives, Kiss, Nashville Pussy, The Stooges, Ramones, and King Diamond. But we also listen to Alan Jackson, Elvis, Madonna, and Avicii. 

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

What do you do for entertainment on drives between shows?

Depends on how long the drive is. Short drives: drinking, singing, laughing and fighting/arguing.

Long drives: podcasts, sleep and junk food.

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

Do you sleep in the van, people’s houses, or motels/hotels?

We sleep at hotels/hostels. Sometimes at weird people’s places.

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

Do you have any van rules? Or band rules in general?

At every stop, someone has to buy a Wunder-Baum. 

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

Do you have a classic nightmare van/police/mechanical/crash/fire story from tour or any other shows?

Once we backed into a concrete pillar when we arrived at a venue. The rear bumper bent and blocked the cargo doors to be opened. Then the janitor at the venue brought his largest sledge hammer and slammed the bumper back in place, so we could open the doors and unload. Haha

Another time we got caught in a European photo speed trap. We ran 60mph in a slow zone and a camera caught us. Some months later our local police department in Sweden called Max L, who is written as the owner of the van. They wanted him to visit the office to confirm that it was he driving the car on the photo. But it was impossible to tell who of us who was driving, the photo quality was so bad. And Max showed the officer a band photo of us where they could see that we all look the same. Hahahaha. So we did not get any ticket.

Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

Any other entertaining tour stories?

We forgot all our merchandise when we arrived at the airport in Spain. The day after, we had to take a taxi and search for the merch bags.

Our bass player Dennis once forgot his bass guitar on a bus stop in the night. In the morning a lady wrote to our band page that she had found something that belongs to us.

We played in Hamburg some years ago. The promoter forgot to book a hotel room the same day as their local football team FC St Pauli played, so everything was fully booked.

The local sound guy offered us a sleeping place at his trailer park outside of Hamburg. They had a ”guesthouse” which was an old Nightliner tour bus, without doors or windows. This was during the winter so it was freezing cold.

Poor and Infamous. Photo courtesy of Scumbag Millionaire

You guys have any new releases? 

Please check out our latest single “Inferno“! And we’re releasing a new album called “Poor and Infamous” on September 25, 2020 on Suburban Records which you can pre-order now!

Scumbag Millionaire – Inferno
Scumbag Millionaire – “Dead End” A BlankTV World Premiere! This video features the van!

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